Lin-Manuel Miranda is back as Alexander Hamilton

to support arts in Puerto Rico




The Arts Fund

Award-winning composer, lyricist, and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda, his family, and Hamilton have partnered with the Flamboyan Foundation to create the Flamboyan Arts Fund, an initiative dedicated to preserving, amplifying, and sustaining the arts in Puerto Rico. It is the Arts Fund’s mission to support all facets of the arts community in Puerto Rico including music, theater, visual arts, dance, literature, and youth arts education.

Puerto Rico’s tourism, arts and culture are pivotal to the vitality and the economic recovery of the island. This limited-term fund will be dedicated to supporting institutions, arts groups, and independent artists to ensure that the arts and culture continue to flourish through the rebuilding of Puerto Rico. Through this initiative, we will also advocate for public and private funding for the arts to ensure that momentum continues beyond the scope of the fund.

For more information about the Arts Fund, and please click here for our Frequently Asked Questions.

Why The Arts?

At the heart of Puerto Rican culture is a vibrant expression of humanity through the arts. Be it theater, dance, music, literature, or visual arts, the community has relied on the arts to tell the story of its history – and the story of everyday life.

In this time of social and economic change following Hurricane Maria, the arts can build hope, stimulate the economy, and enrich people’s souls.

Research has demonstrated that the arts provide immeasurable benefits to students, both socially and academically. Yet many arts institutions and artists on the island are at risk. By stabilizing the arts community, we can ensure families and communities have spaces for shared connection and creative expression. Together, we can help ensure that arts and communities are not just surviving, but are thriving.



About Flamboyan Foundation 

Guided by the belief that all children deserve the opportunity to live a fulfilling life, the Flamboyan Foundation works to ensure every child in the US and Puerto Rico receives an outstanding education. In D.C., Flamboyan is accelerating student learning by helping educators and school systems transform their relationships with families. In Puerto Rico, Flamboyan is ensuring students are reading in Spanish on grade level by third grade while building a thriving philanthropic and nonprofit sector. 

Flamboyan Foundation is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt private operating foundation. 


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